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Frequent Questions from MedSouth Patients

Q: What services are provided by MedSouth Urgent Care?

A: We provide treatments for a wide range of illnesses, injuries and routine checkups.  Check out our list of services.

Q: Where is MedSouth located?

A: MedSouth Urgent Care is rapidly expanding service into new communities across the Southeast.  View our list of locations.

Q: When is MedSouth Urgent Care right for me?

A: MedSouth is a ready to provide you the following:

  • Knowledgeable care when your primary physician isn't available
  • Treatment when you are traveling out of town
  • Non-life threatening treatment for a wide range of illnesses and injuries
  • Timely and cost-effective alternative in comparision to the emergency room

Q: Is MedSouth Urgent Care less expensive than the emergency room?

A: In many cases, MedSouth Urgent Care provides a signifigant cost savings over a visit to the ER.  If you don't need the emergency room, but you still need same-day care, check out MedSouth Urgent Care for fast and knowledgeable care.

Q: Does MedSouth Urgent Care accept my insurance?

A: MedSouth Urgent Care participates in a wide range of insurance plans. Please contact your location for details.

Ready to visit a MedSouth Urgent Care facility? Check out our locations